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About Us

Founded in 2004, LowLead is an independently owned online bookstore located in Los Angeles CA. LowLead Books [] LLB specializes in educational research materials geared at graduate and post-graduate students, educators and health professionals.

LowLead Books lays great emphasis in helping educators hone their teaching skills wile optimizing student learning. From our wide selections of educational resources, LLB offers cognitive and developmental ability guides, school achievement and assessment materials, health education, rehabilitation and occupational therapy, speech, language and special needs workbooks. In addition, we offer a broad range of primers dedicated to gifted and talented students, as well software/videos/DVD/CD-Rom.

In addition to our existing customers base serves a wide range of public and private academies. With an objective to assist professionals and students succeed at university, work, and life. With our instructive partners, we’ve work to build on Skill Development Programs, which uses the task analysis approach to teach work skills and behaviors to young adults with disabilities using Pre-VocTasks.

Our most deeply held conviction concerning what Philanthropy is and what it aims to accomplish in linking our commitment to education. Throughout the years we’ve supported various causes locally and abroad. From our Africa Book Donation program, to various charities such as Feed the Children International, World Vision, Médecins Sans Frontières or Doctors Without Borders, Kiva among others. Locally we have supported food drives, pet adoption days, mentoring and support for local Girl Scout troops, donations to charity raffles, as well as schoolbook fairs. Our international bulk sale program extends to donate a portion of customers’ purchases to local nonprofits, including public radio stations, arts centers, family services, and programs supporting literacy, the homeless, and animal welfare. To date, has donated over $17, 545 on behalf of our customers. 

At we act as an enabler, a conduit so that educators, parents and professionals can have the maximum impact helping students succeed in life. LowLead Books thrive in supplying pedagogic materials to all center of learning and we hope you visit us soon!